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    Leave or return on a Monday or Tuesday: Play around with the days of the week that you can schedule your trip just to see if you can find significant savings on hotel and airfares. Fighting to get home on a Saturday or Sunday can cost you money.

    Then the reality hits. You don’t want to work the 50 hours a week anymore, you are working in a job you don’t even like, you get laid off, your health isn’t great and your getting a bit scared of your future.

    The idea is to use your Dream Notebook to capture as many cool business ideas as possible. If you're traveling with kids you might even want to enlist their help by making a game of it. Maybe you'll spy an interesting business in the airport terminal or along the roadside. Or perhaps you'll find an existing business that's come up with a unique income stream, like an outdoor cafe that, for a fee, will walk patron's dogs while they dine.

    It’s hard to stay productive during the summer, when you not only have a lot going on, you also have more fun things to do with your time than work! And one of the benefits of being an entrepreneur is that you have the luxury of taking time off to go on an ice cream run or head to the beach.

    What will your children be doing this summer? Gone are the days of endless summer vacations spent at camp. And if you can even find enough extra cash to send them to the community pool this summer then you will be very lucky indeed. In fact, you will find that most parents are not looking forward to this particular summer. With the entire world in the grips of a recession it is hard enough to find money for bills much less fun activities. So why not check out the best free online games site out there for you and your children?

    Make up a resume and post it on several sites. Think through what skills and personal features can make you a needed employee and note them in your resume. Send it to an employer if you find a vacancy suitable. And don't forget to check your mailbox!

    Step two is to come up with a very brief and comprehensive plan of things that you can do on a budget. Allow each child in your home to fill out some scrap pieces of paper with ideas of activities they want to do. Your youngest may write spend a day at the jump-house while your older kids may favor a day at a local water park. Decide that each week – you will do one activity, saving the most costly ones for a special time. Perhaps rather than paying kids an allowance for their extra chores, you can plan an end of summer bash at a local water park should they earn the privilege.