• Pinch those gasoline pennies: If you’re driving your car on trips, focus on maintenance and when and where you’re buying your gas. Keep your tires inflated and make sure your engine is in good shape for maximum fuel economy. Also, don’t carry tons of stuff – heavier cars burn more gas. Consider joining a wholesale club that sells gas onsite – you might save a considerable sum not only at home, but in out-of-town locations where you’re staying (hit the Internet and check before you go). Also, buy gasoline mid-week when prices generally stabilize from spikes entering the weekend and starting the workweek. Last but not least, buy gas when daytime temperatures are lowest. Why? Because during cool hours, gasoline is densest and packs more fuel power.

    Ok. That happens. Did your plan for any of this? If yes, than hopefully you have a backup plan because you have taken the time and energy to think ahead.

    Imagine yourself a Dream Detective… someone who has an uncanny nose for scoping out unique business ventures. Like any good detective, you'll want to take lots and lots of notes. Whether your vacation plans take you to the beach, the mountains, or the city, make sure to pack a small notebook along with the sunscreen and maps. But this isn't any old notebook… it's your Dream Notebook!

    The kids are out of school. Vacations are being planned. The air conditioning is on full blast. And productivity is… not what it was a few weeks ago.

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    The first advice is of course, to come up with some summer time rules. Give them a few extra chores around the house so that you don't end up becoming a 24-hour maid regretting your decision to not send the kids to camp. This is a good time to start even young children making their own beds in the morning and learning how to fill up a bowl of cereal or heat up a pop-tart when they are hungry. In the long run, your introduction to real life chores like laundry sorting will help you out and transition your kids to independent and self-reliant creatures.