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    The U.S. economy may be recovering, but travel experts say the vacation deals available last year are still going to be around for stingy travelers this year. With that in mind, here are some ways the Financial Planning Association recommends to save on travel this summer

    I can just hear some of you saying “they have nothing to do with each other” and others saying “they have a LOT to do with each other.”

    If you have a business idea in mind, you could spend the time researching your business, building your website, or working on your marketing plan. The point is to find a way to shine some of that extra sunlight onto your dreams.

    3. Use technology (then put down the phone). I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that it’s almost too easy to work from anywhere now. Use that to your advantage to communicate with your team members or keep tabs on things. Then check out and take a mental vacation.

    How often do you chance a peak at one of the kids games only to find that with all the flashing lights and noises it only gives you headaches? Well if you choose the best free online games on the net today you will find that they are more up your alley, and you can even enjoy playing them along side your children. And even better yet, why not challenge your kids to the top scorer position? Are you going to let your child beat you at the games you grew up playing?

    Where a student, full of beans and enthusiasm, should look for a job? There are some spheres where employers are ready to work with young people without a higher education. We offer you the list of directions you should pay special attention to:

    Since swimming is always a great summer activity, look for swimming holes in your area. You might be surprised to find the immense amount of lake beaches (which are often safer for children) or local pools where you can join for nominal summer fees. This will keep your kids cool, allow you time to relax as well as provide plenty of exercise and time for socializing. Local libraries also have lots of summer reading activities that include entertainment for children of all ages. Many of their schoolmates may be attending these as well.

    Step One: Take some time to reflect on the values that are most important to you and your family as it exists right now. Are you in need of quiet, quality time with primarily your nuclear family? Are you craving adventure? Are you in the mood for a reunion that includes extended family and friends? Identify the feelings that you’d like to experience in the upcoming three months, then ask yourself what kind of actions or events would be most likely to draw these feelings forth. As you get clear about what you desire, re-evaluate your plans in the context of what your family needs right now, and make sure that at least some of them reflect and strengthen those values.