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    What you say? You didn’t plan that you might get laid off, or that you are sick and tired of your job or your boss? You thought your health was always going to be that of a twenty something year old?

    One way to invest in your dream is to start spending less and saving more. If you need to save money to put toward your new home office or to purchase inventory, consider vacationing at home and stashing away the money you would have spent on a costly vacation into your "dream fund."

    4. Delegate. Taking things off your to do list and putting them on someone else’s is the best way to keep your business moving, even while you take off. Hire an expert team to do what you hate doing in half the time it takes you. Schedule a complimentary call with me today to talk about how we can make your summer easier.

    Speaking of friends, talk to your children's friends and their parents to plan sleepovers in the backyard. If you are close with them, take turns organizing day trips together for the kids so that the kids will form bonding friendships and you will have some distracting conversation besides that of your children to engage in. If you live in a neighborhood, even planning neighborhood activities like yard sales, bizarres or old fashion street fairs can be a great way to get the garage cleaned out and keep the kids busy over the summer time.

    Some of us have fallen into the habit of recycling summer events and traditions year after year, even if those traditions no longer bring us joy. When your children were younger, for example, you might have relished long camping trips, week-long stays at Disneyworld or trips to visit grandparents or in-laws. But if these traditions now leave you (or your child) feeling bored, resistant, or flat-out fed up, this is an indication that it’s probably time to adjust your actions so they are more in alignment with your family as it exists right now. Look at it this way: We download new and improved apps for our phones; we update our hairstyles and wardrobes (hopefully : ); and we revise household guidelines based on our children’s increasing levels of maturity. Why should the way we choose to spend our summers be any different? Our plans must be allowed to grow along with us so they continue to reflect the growing needs of our family. Here is a back-to-basics exercise that I hope will support you in experiencing a little less stress and a little more joy in the days that lie ahead: